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I’ve recently begun a new project.. a blog site dedicated in its fight to stop bullying. The link is, and I encourage my followers to check out the latest postings.

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Tweak Your Style with Chic Tweak

With the holiday season behind us, we now face the dreadful realization that we have a good two months of wintry weather ahead of us before we can start to shed the layers and revitalize our bodies and souls. But bundling up doesn’t have to be a drag! Chic Tweak, the perfect venue for the most fashion forward scarves and accessories, features pieces of winter wear designed to enhance a woman’s style… not cover it up.

With over ten years experience in the scarf and accessory industry, Bindya Lulla developed an incredible online experience for her customers, with the idea that consumers could shop around on her site in an effort to “tweak their styles” with pieces from her two lines–Bindya NY and Lulla by Bindya. Her site also features some pieces from Chan Luu, Love Quotes, Theodora & Callum and Tilo.

The modern-loop look of their scarves allows you to either pull the scarf tight to your neck for ultimate warmth or wear it loose to create a more layered, dramatic look. Either way, Chic Tweak is dedicated in its efforts to provide customers with chic, attractive, fashionable winter wear for this blustery New York weather.

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The Impeccable Designs of Dousset Diamonds

With a diamond comes more than just elegance; with a diamond comes power, beauty, dignity… and love. Jean Dousset, of Dousset Diamonds, is a renowned jeweler who understands the symbolic pleasure and delight that comes from picking out the perfect engagement ring, which is why he works so hard to deliver in quality and taste with his designs.

Currently unrivaled in his designs, Dousset’s engagement rings, wedding bands and earrings are available for purchase exclusively on Dousset understands that this is one purchase that is meant to last a lifetime, so he treats his clients with the utmost care and gives them an active role in the creative process. He constantly updates his clients and initiates three proposals, so that the client’s final product brings the fantasy to life.

Bring in the new year with a proposal and a lifetime of happiness, and allow Jean Dousset to be there by your side to help create the magical moment. Visit his site today:

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Find Out What’s On Miss America’s Mind This Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, CITYists! I just had to provide my readers with a little treat before we kick-start this holiday. The 2011 Miss America, Teresa Scanlan, recently sat down for an interview, as she will be riding in the Macy’s Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade in what will be her last national appearance before she hands over her crown on January 14, 2012. And she has a few tips, on both inner and outer beauty, that she wants to share with all of our readers before the occasion.

As far as fashion tips, Teresa feels that it’s of utmost importance to find pieces that will flatter your natural body shape. “You want to balance out your figure–whether you’re heavier on top, on the bottom, or want to create curves by drawing the eye to your best assets.” In the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Teresa will be wearing a beautiful white, ruffled coat by Joseph Ribkoff, which will keep her looking both chic and warm in the brisk weather.

Teresa has worked extensively as an ambassador for the fashion brand Joseph Ribkoff during her time as Miss America, and, as a result of such, she has learned that it’s all about functionality when it comes to being fashion-forward. She especially likes wearing pieces that can easily make the transition from daytime wear to a night on the town with just the addition of a few simple accessories.

Teresa has done extensive travel this past year; in fact, she’s been home less than 30 days out of this entire year! “I have been traveling around the country advocating for Miss America Organization’s national platform, Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, as well as my personal platform, Eating Disorders: A Generation at Risk, and, of course, speaking about the importance of education, the cornerstone of our Miss America Scholarship Platform.”

So, with all this travel, of course we would be curious of what a typical Thanksgiving holiday was like for Miss America when she was a child. And it was… hectic! In the midst of seven children from Western Nebraska, Teresa was constantly surrounded by tons of love… and food! “The month of November leading up to Thanksgiving was always like the twelve days of Christmas for me: I would count down the days by writing down things I was thankful for each day, as my family would share these things on Thanksgiving day.” She goes on to say, “My mother and grandmother’s birthdays usually land right around Thanksgiving as well, so it would be a great mixed celebration.”

And, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and being grateful for so much that we often take for granted in our lives, Miss America wants to remind girls of all ages that it is inner beauty that is the most beautiful quality a girl can have. “It is our job to ignore those who tear us down and instead surround ourselves with those who build us up. Work on your relationships with your family, friends and those who truly love you and want what’s best for you.” Because they’re the people we should all be grateful for. The people who are there for us everyday, through good moods and bad, are the people who should be of utmost importance to us, because we are of utmost importance to them.

Happy Thanksgiving, CITYists. Let’s make it a good one.

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Profile on Sydney Yeo

At the age of five, Tisch freshman Sydney Yeo sat in the audience of the “Peter Pan Musical” and watched as the actors lit up the stage. It was on this day that the singer/songwriter within was born.

“As a kid, my mom pushed me into violin, piano and ballet,” she said. “The only class I didn’t take was singing, which is weird, because that’s what I’m doing now.”

Now a freshman in the Clive Davis Institue of Recorded Music, Sydney tells her life story through her lyrics and speaks out to all those who have suffered, whether from heartbreak, a lost friend or a misunderstanding. In her song “Long Distance”, she describes the pain that she experienced when a close friend became inexplicably distant. In every song, she tries to incorporate the fragile beauty of nature into her lyrics to emphasize that nothing is finite.

It is hard to believe that Sydney is only a freshman, just beginning to dabble in the music career. She spoke like a seasoned professional and with an air of certainty. Memories seemed to spin their way into hopeful reminders of the uncertain future as she poetically recalled lyrics of her favorite song, “Who Told You?”

For now, Sydney’s songs are posted only through her MySpace page, because she modestly admitted that she would not feel right charging people since she is just starting out.

Read the original article, posted through BROWNSTONE Magazine on November 14, 2011.

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Profile on Shannon Spangler

Shannon Spangler, a sophomore in Tisch, was thrown into show business by her mother. Spangler said her mom hoped it would help her find her voice in the world. It worked.

“My mom put me in my first show when I was in fifth grade,” she said. “It was so much fun and ever since then I’ve been an addict.”

Spangler continued to explore her talents throughout high school and even directed her own play. But, like most other child actors, Shannon quickly learned that the field was tough and the stakes high. She would have to confront her fears and insecurities to become a confident actress.

“It’s unkind at times,” she said. “You have to get beyond that to really find your acting.”

Despite intimidating competition, Shannon’s passion for the craft seems unshakable. From her experiences working behind the scenes to moments of tough love with professors and coaches, she has defeated inner demons and set a strong foundation on which her dreams can unfold.

“I once had to read a scene with one of my teachers, and I remember she told me, ‘You’re not acting. You can be cute and quirky anywhere else but right now I want to see something different,'” she said. “The thought crossed my mind that I can’t do this, but then I got up and told myself, ‘No, I will.’ Something snapped into place just then, and I think that was my determination.”

At NYU, Shannon continues to refine her skills, while she finds solace in the fact that the only definition of perfect she has to live by is her own.

“Acting is the one thing that was never easy,” she said. “I always had to keep working towards something. That’s what I love about acting; you’re never going to be done. You can always get better and explore different areas of the craft and that’s wonderful.”

Spangler participated in Shakespeare in the Square during her freshman year and hopes to become further involved with NYU acting troupes and shows in the future.

This is just the beginning for Spangler, but she recognizes the harsh criticisms she will face as an actress in a competitive industry.

“You have to have the ability to look at things objectively,” she said. “This is not about me; this is about what I’m doing. It’s tough and it’s unking, but once you get there, it’s worth it.”

Read the original article, posted through BROWNSTONE Magazine on November 14, 2011.

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Washborn Releases Spring Lookbook

Even though we’re still far away from Spring, I just had to share this with my CITYist followers. Washborn has recently released their Spring Lookbook, and it goes far and beyond exceptional. The styles have a down-to-earth flair, reminiscent of the girl next door, juxtaposed with a modern edginess to compensate for the urban girl within. Take a sneak peek at some of their designs, and definitely keep them on your radar for the upcoming season!

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