Tweak Your Style with Chic Tweak

With the holiday season behind us, we now face the dreadful realization that we have a good two months of wintry weather ahead of us before we can start to shed the layers and revitalize our bodies and souls. But bundling up doesn’t have to be a drag! Chic Tweak, the perfect venue for the most fashion forward scarves and accessories, features pieces of winter wear designed to enhance a woman’s style… not cover it up.

With over ten years experience in the scarf and accessory industry, Bindya Lulla developed an incredible online experience for her customers, with the idea that consumers could shop around on her site in an effort to “tweak their styles” with pieces from her two lines–Bindya NY and Lulla by Bindya. Her site also features some pieces from Chan Luu, Love Quotes, Theodora & Callum and Tilo.

The modern-loop look of their scarves allows you to either pull the scarf tight to your neck for ultimate warmth or wear it loose to create a more layered, dramatic look. Either way, Chic Tweak is dedicated in its efforts to provide customers with chic, attractive, fashionable winter wear for this blustery New York weather.

See the original post with images at CITYist.


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