Find Out What’s On Miss America’s Mind This Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, CITYists! I just had to provide my readers with a little treat before we kick-start this holiday. The 2011 Miss America, Teresa Scanlan, recently sat down for an interview, as she will be riding in the Macy’s Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade in what will be her last national appearance before she hands over her crown on January 14, 2012. And she has a few tips, on both inner and outer beauty, that she wants to share with all of our readers before the occasion.

As far as fashion tips, Teresa feels that it’s of utmost importance to find pieces that will flatter your natural body shape. “You want to balance out your figure–whether you’re heavier on top, on the bottom, or want to create curves by drawing the eye to your best assets.” In the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Teresa will be wearing a beautiful white, ruffled coat by Joseph Ribkoff, which will keep her looking both chic and warm in the brisk weather.

Teresa has worked extensively as an ambassador for the fashion brand Joseph Ribkoff during her time as Miss America, and, as a result of such, she has learned that it’s all about functionality when it comes to being fashion-forward. She especially likes wearing pieces that can easily make the transition from daytime wear to a night on the town with just the addition of a few simple accessories.

Teresa has done extensive travel this past year; in fact, she’s been home less than 30 days out of this entire year! “I have been traveling around the country advocating for Miss America Organization’s national platform, Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, as well as my personal platform, Eating Disorders: A Generation at Risk, and, of course, speaking about the importance of education, the cornerstone of our Miss America Scholarship Platform.”

So, with all this travel, of course we would be curious of what a typical Thanksgiving holiday was like for Miss America when she was a child. And it was… hectic! In the midst of seven children from Western Nebraska, Teresa was constantly surrounded by tons of love… and food! “The month of November leading up to Thanksgiving was always like the twelve days of Christmas for me: I would count down the days by writing down things I was thankful for each day, as my family would share these things on Thanksgiving day.” She goes on to say, “My mother and grandmother’s birthdays usually land right around Thanksgiving as well, so it would be a great mixed celebration.”

And, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and being grateful for so much that we often take for granted in our lives, Miss America wants to remind girls of all ages that it is inner beauty that is the most beautiful quality a girl can have. “It is our job to ignore those who tear us down and instead surround ourselves with those who build us up. Work on your relationships with your family, friends and those who truly love you and want what’s best for you.” Because they’re the people we should all be grateful for. The people who are there for us everyday, through good moods and bad, are the people who should be of utmost importance to us, because we are of utmost importance to them.

Happy Thanksgiving, CITYists. Let’s make it a good one.

See the original post with images at CITYist.

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