Profile on Sydney Yeo

At the age of five, Tisch freshman Sydney Yeo sat in the audience of the “Peter Pan Musical” and watched as the actors lit up the stage. It was on this day that the singer/songwriter within was born.

“As a kid, my mom pushed me into violin, piano and ballet,” she said. “The only class I didn’t take was singing, which is weird, because that’s what I’m doing now.”

Now a freshman in the Clive Davis Institue of Recorded Music, Sydney tells her life story through her lyrics and speaks out to all those who have suffered, whether from heartbreak, a lost friend or a misunderstanding. In her song “Long Distance”, she describes the pain that she experienced when a close friend became inexplicably distant. In every song, she tries to incorporate the fragile beauty of nature into her lyrics to emphasize that nothing is finite.

It is hard to believe that Sydney is only a freshman, just beginning to dabble in the music career. She spoke like a seasoned professional and with an air of certainty. Memories seemed to spin their way into hopeful reminders of the uncertain future as she poetically recalled lyrics of her favorite song, “Who Told You?”

For now, Sydney’s songs are posted only through her MySpace page, because she modestly admitted that she would not feel right charging people since she is just starting out.

Read the original article, posted through BROWNSTONE Magazine on November 14, 2011.

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