Sneak a Peek at Sneakpeeq, New on Facebook!

With all the new changes that Facebook has been implementing, it seems as though technology has been getting the best of us these days. But don’t be overwhelmed, CITYists. Sneakpeeq is one addition to Facebook that everyone can enjoy for its chic simplicity.

Co-founded by Henry Kim and Harish Abbott, Sneakpeeq is a new social shopping destination that allows its customers to shop for pre-season and in-season fashion apparel, accessories, cosmetics, and even gourmet food items! The site allows its customers to discover what’s in by seeing what items friends have recently been browsing.

And, to add to Sneakpeeq’s irresistible charm… customers can play the “peeq” game to lower prices on their items of interest! The more customers play, the bigger the discounts! You can even earn points to receive free shipping, along with other benefits.

So, check it out! This is one new implement on Facebook that you won’t want to miss.

See the original post with images at CITYist.

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