Robin Williams and Zak Williams–Taking Sides

Starting tomorrow, September 21st, the online art marketplace and exhibition space Paddle8 will begin hosting a web-only exhibition, Taking Sides, curated by actor Robin Williams and his son, gallerist Zak Williams. The exhibition will continue to air until October 25th.

Taking Sides will address such topics as the roles of war, violence and authority in contemporary art and will feature numerous perspectives from artists around the globe. Artists slated to be included in the exhibition are Marcel Dzama, Eko Nugroho, Jenny Holzer, Feng Mengbo, Trevor Paglen, Seher Shah and Aaron Young. Participating galleries include Marianne Boesky, Cheim & Read, Morte (India) and Traffic (Dubai), as well as a few others.

And for those who are wondering where the “8″ comes from in Paddle8, “8″ is a symbol of good luck in certain Asian cultures, which is why a group of eight influential artists from around the globe have been chosen by the curators to comment on the works in each exhibition. Among those selected to participate inTaking Sides are “Monty Python’s” Eric Idle, culture critic and curator Carlo McCormick and video gamer Bing Gordon.

The exhibition will kick off tomorrow and run until October 25th.

See the original post with images at CITYist.

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