Escape to the Coast with Gant

The oldest fragrance house in the world, Robertet, has designed its first fragrance for GANT, launching worldwide today! Inspired partially by the New England waters and a coastal-living lifestyle, GANT is as legendary and innovative as its designers, Pierre Dinand, who worked on the bottle, and Pierre Wulff, who worked to produce the fragrance formula.

Unlike other fragrances, GANT is authentic in its design. The bottle of fragrance is made from solid blue glass and the cap is Bakelite, which is an old production method that gives the bottle a vintage, historical flair. In itself, the fragrance literally symbolizes new beginnings, as the company is completely reinventing its business with the start of this bottle.

The fragrance is available for purchase in 26 countries and in all three of New York City’s Gant stores. The fragrance can also be purchased worldwide through their WEBSITE.

ATTENTION CITYISTS: All United States Gant purchasers will be awarded a free .5 ounce sample, starting today, for free with their purchase. The sample size is unusually large for that of a fragrance and is perfect for those constantly on the go, as it can easily fit in a travel bag and is refillable.

*Check out a video of Pierre and Pierre HERE to get a taste of their work, or simply to get inspired!*

See the original post with images at CITYist.

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