Because Natural Beauty is the Key

Earlier this month, Christian Dior decided to collaborate with Icelandic Water Holdings. The company will be exclusively utilizing Icelandic Glacial water to hydrate its skincare products.

Icelandic Glacial is the world’s first CarbonNeutral certified bottled spring water, which means that it ranks high in purity with a “net zero” carbon footprint. The water comes from Iceland’s Ölfus Spring, which formed during a volcanic eruption 4,500 years ago. The company uses one-hundred percent natural green energy to fuel production.

According to Claude Martinez, President and CEO of Christian Dior, “For the first time, we have decided to take care of an inert ingredient present at strong concentration in cosmetic formulations: water, and have decided to replace it by a cosmetic active ingredient, Icelandic Glacial water.”

The first skincare product with Icelandic Glacial water is expected to launch in February 2012.

See the original post with images at CITYist.

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