LovingEco Partners with Melora Hardin for a Charitable Cause

LovingEco, which provides its clients with eco-friendly, natural products at a discounted price, will be working this upcoming week with The Office’s Melora Hardin for a good cause!  Melora Hardin has chosenVillage Empowerment as her charity of choice, which means that 3% of the proceeds from this weeks purchases on LovingEco will be donated to help villages in need become independent, self-supportive establishments.

So, get shopping, CITYists! Brands such as Make Love Not Trash, Natural High Lifestyle and Souchi will be on LovingEco’s radar, as well as many other must-haves!

Below are a few images from the Souchi collections to give you a taste of all LovingEco will have in store for its shoppers this week. Designer Suzi Johnson works with the finest organic fibers to produce stunning products that are chic, gorgeous and affordable.

Visit the LovingEco site HERE and let the charitable fun begin!

See the original post with images at CITYist.

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