We All Have Our “Moments”

So, CITYists, tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy, dreary today in New York City, which is why you should take a peek at “Moments” if you have some free time on your hands.  Quiksilver is proud to announce the release of this twenty-four minute film that is available as a free stream and download on Youtube, Quicksilver and Surfline.  Shots of sandy beaches and people surfing in Quicksilver attire are both enticing and alluring as they remind us of the quick onset of warmer days and the beach excursions to come this summer.

“Moments” features ten times world champion Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Jeremy Flores, Craig Anderson, Clay Marzo and the rest of the global Quiksilver team, all of whom were heavily involved in the production of the film’s unique perspective and creative angles.  It was filmed in Indonesia, Hawaii, Tahiti, Mexico, Australia, France and Puerto Rico.

The video was shot in full HD using Phantom Gold, Ciniflex, Red One and 16-mm film cameras.  Yet, it is the unique techniques that set this film apart.  ”Moments” features a Phantom helicopter angle shot at Grajagan, Indonesia that has never been seen before in a surf film.

The film was directed by Jamie Tierney, edited by Tate MacDowell, and shot by Chris Bryan, Curt Morgan, Dustin Miller, Adam Klevin, Matthew Bokor, Vincent Kardasik and others throughout 2010.  The sound track of “Moments” features music from Panda Bear, Gypsy Blood, Casiokids, Blacklist, Light Pollution and Tristeza.

To watch the video, click HERE.

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