Surround Yourself in Nature’s Purity

“Living in New York, we rarely see snow in it’s purest form,” says Michael Bastian as he soothingly speaks to his viewers in his Fashion Week video, in which he unveils the inner workings and thought process behind his Fall/Winter 2011 collection of GANT by Michael Bastian.

Soft undertones of a soothing melody encapsulate the essence of the collection, as Bastian speaks of the purity of nature and the relaxing release of the wilderness in all its gentle glory.  ”The environment within the GANT world is so peaceful and so comfortable and so family-oriented,” says Bastian.

His video, both optimistic and refreshing, is something that every CITYist should watch on this dreary day.  So, take a break, let all of your stress and worries melt away and bask in the comforting rays of Bastian’s optimism for just two minutes to put a little perspective and hope back into your life.

To view the video, look HERE.

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