Beauty in Flight

One flight, two countries, four designers–these were the only ingredients necessary to create brilliant artistry, which is exactly what jewelry pieces from AF148-AF147 embody.  The line is cleverly named after a flight that the group took from Paris to Delhi–a flight that sparked the group’s inspiration to playfully use their travels as fuel behind their jewelry creations.  French romanticism and subtle dabbles of other countries’ influences effortlessly weave their way through the unique stories of these pieces.  Their vision is impeccable, their story is incredible; AF148-AF147 represents an embodiment of innovation and ingenuity rarely seen in such subtle sophistication.

Their Wild West Show captures the essence of scenic landscapes inspired by the American west.  The collection features charms of metallic bandanas, necklaces that capture the exact look and feel of traditional Native American necklaces and thematic pieces that play with the courage, boldness and freedom that is the Wild West.  Pieces from the collection are are made in brass and finished with a rustic black or antique silver finishing.

Romantic Emotions: Phases of Love intertwines the passion and love present within the different stages of a relationship with the blossoming of a flower.  The necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings boast colors of violet and crimson meant to symbolize the luscious desires of love.  Select pieces in black and yellow are meant to embody feelings of nostalgia, while pieces created in black nickel and white are meant to represent yearning love and melancholy.  The pieces are designed in cast iron and brass with nickel or antiqued paint finishing.

All pieces from AF147-AF148 are handcrafted in France, using only European materials.  The collection ranges in price from $20 to $200 and will be sold at Lit Boutique and Stash in Boston and A. Turen in New York.

See the original post with images at CITYist.

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