Applegate Allures in Spring Line

What happens in the average twenty-year old’s life?  She might be in her third year of college, eating mac’n cheese out of a box, up to her neck in index cards as she prays that she aces her finals–a true starving artist just trying to make a name for herself.  Well, not Gabby Applegate.  She’s already established, and she’s already incredible.  In only her second season, she has already stepped out of her shell and into the world of elegance and poise with her flawlessly sophisticated and classy designs.  A peak into her Spring Lookbook offers a glimpse into a daring, atmospheric level of modernity and chicness in her line’s distinct styles.  Muted colors allow the urbanity of the pieces to surface in a way that effortlessly allows any woman to envision herself in these striking ensembles.  Gabby Applegate has certainly proved herself to be one artist to watch in the upcoming seasons.

See the original post with images at CITYist.

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