Slenderize to Revitalize with Megaformer

Well, we’ve devoured the cookies we meticulously trimmed with frosting, we’ve eaten all of the candy canes off the tree, we’ve stuffed our faces with Hershey kisses from our stockings, and it’s all finally starting to show.  But, why should we have to wait until New Years to start our resolutions to regain our figures?

On November 1st, JetSet Pilates owner Tamara Galinksy opened the only studio on the East Coast with SPX Megaformer machines; and, for this, she transformed our indulgent holiday eating habits into flirtatiously fixable flaws in character.

The Megaformer is the latest in Pilates due to its intense sculpting variation, invented by West Hollywood’s celebrity Pilates instructor Sebastien LaGree.  Its training system allows you to perform 5,000 exercises and burn up to 500 calories in 50 minutes.

Now, while everyone wants to look fit, refreshed and revitalized in 2011, I have to admit that I’m not one of those people who prefers to exercise in a large, crowded room with what seems like thousands of others watching my every move.  Thankfully, Galinksy anticipated my fear.  Her 50-minute sessions are limited to eight people to provide a more intimate setting perfect for the most individualized attention as possible.  With motivating music blasting encouragingly over the studio’s loudspeakers, the studio creates the perfect atmosphere for a great workout.

Celebrity followers include, but are not limited to, Jennifer Garner, Elizabeth Hurley, Katie Holmes, Sarah Jessica Parker and Ben Stiller.

See the original post with images at CITYist.

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