Bypass the Winter, Vacation with ZINGARA

It’s freezing outside.  You have to put on five layers of cleverly mismatched clothing in an attempt to remain chic as you step out into the icy whiplash of wind that plagues New York City.  And even then, no matter how tightly you wrap your scarf and how thick your earmuffs seem, you still feel only the slightest bit warmer.  Don’t you wish that you could shed all those layers, hop on a jet, and land in a destination where you could bask on the beach in a sexy, barely there bikini?  Well, what’s stopping you?  ZINGARA swimwear has just released their 2011 collection, and while the styles range from nautical to animal prints to floral designs, I am personally a fan of anything as long as it has a brilliant dash of color; after all, there’s three full months to wear dreary derivatives of grey hues.  All the swimsuits are made from high quality Italian fabrics and range in price from $80 to $250.  They can be purchased in ZINGARA stores, only.

This sexy, nautical bikini achieves the look of a playful sailor girl, while breaking free from the traditional blue and white striped pattern to reveal something more alluring and enticing.  The orange and white stripes are perfect for any girl who desires to showcase her tan.

The bedazzling kaleidoscope of colors in this ensemble creates an instant tropical heartthrob.  Its string ties are perfect for diminished tan lines and creating a dramatic look.

The swirling patterns of bright hues intertwined with straight-line displays of colorful floral patterns make this bikini an instant eye-catcher for its dazzling perplexity.  The added bit of sparkle on the bikini top creates a playful look, as the wearer is sure to catch the eye of any onlooker as she glistens in the sun.

One look at this bikini and it’s impossible not to be transported back to fond memories of lounging by the water’s edge as the flowing tides tickle your toes and the warm, tropical breeze gently grazes your cheek.  The piece’s subtle array of calming, blue tones sets the atmosphere for a relaxing, classic look that any woman will desire.

The peekaboo effect of this swimsuit with its rosy hues and detailed patterns creates a playful, fun look of desire, perfect for those who want to lounge in the sun in something other than the traditional style of a bikini.  Its cutouts perfectly accent the natural curves of the body.

See the original post with images at CITYist.

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