Shimmer in Dior

In a chilled atmosphere, it’s important to maintain a look of chic confidence with just a hint of playful elusion.  Dior’s new line of oversized sunglasses, Dior Striking, provides that look.  The frosted hues of the sunglasses emulate an icy sensation of sophistication perfect for the upcoming winter season.  The smooth rounded frames of the lenses allow for a sporty feel with an unmistakable tinge of elegance and class due to their sleek appearance.  The lacquered Dior emblem, emblazoned in a three-dimensional design on the leg of the sunglasses, playfully captures the boldness and fearlessness of the design that is Dior.   The sunglasses are available in a choice of light hues: crystal/black with gold metal, crystal/black, crystal/red, or crystal/white with palladium metal.  The sunglasses will be available to purchase starting on December 10th for $295.

See the original post with images at CITYist.

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