The Meadow brings Flavor to the West Village

I walk into a room that dazzles me with a bright array of sparkling colors. I have never seen so much salt in my life. The Meadow, a quaint “salt boutique” that boasts 130 different types of salts, opened its doors just two weeks ago.

Jennifer Turner Bitterman opened the store with her husband Mark. She said they have “always had a passion for salt.” Mark is the author of “Salted: A Manifesto on the World’s Most Essential Mineral,” a book profiling various kinds of gourmet salts with a bit of history and recipes.

There’s nothing quite like seeing so many different types of salts in person, in all their rich, varied hues and textures. There were black salts, light pink salts that shimmered like quartz, common clear salts with a sparkle — each like a diamond on an engagement ring.

“We only buy salts that are completely unrefined so that people can experience the true texture, flavor and feel of the salt when they use it in their cooking,” Jennifer said. “The salts are meant for use as a finishing touch on meals.”

The store also sells a variety of packaged caramel chocolate bars with light sprinkles of salt on the top. The snack provides the perfect mixture of sweet and salty. In the very back of the store, there is a smaller table lined with bitter salts and books about the crystals.

The salts range anywhere in price from $3 to $48. Salt sets generally price between $23 and $200.

The Meadow is located at 523 Hudson St., between Charles and West 10th streets. You can browse their selection and shop online at

Read the original article, published on November 16, 2010, at the WASHINGTON SQUARE NEWS.

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