Driving Fast in the Hands of Time

In the race against time, it’s important to have a top-notch watch on your wrist.  Marvin Watch C° 1850 and Sebastien Loeb, seven time World Rally Champion, have recently worked together to create a new limited edition collection of watches designed by Loeb.  The watches are available in both automatic and quartz movements and are uniquely characterized to imitate the look and feel of Loeb’s rally car.  The face of the watch emulates Loeb’s dashboard of his rally car with chronograph push buttons that mirror gear change paddles, a multi-level dial made of riveted plates and openwork hands that look like the car’s reinforcing bars.  The watch also has the ability to adjust to the contours of the wrist for ultimate comfort.  The collection, created with the help of Jean-Francois Ruchonnet and Sebastien Perret, starts at a price of $835 for automatic movements.  Engraved with Loeb’s signature and the inscription “World Rally Champion”, any man wearing this watch will look and feel like the ultimate racecar driver.

See original post with images at CITYist.

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