Puppies Occupy Washington Square Park, Our Hearts

Read original article, published on September 13, 2010 and co-written by Negar Mahmoodi, at the WASHINGTON SQUARE NEWS.

Even when it’s pouring outside, puppies and kittens tend to bring the people out. On Sunday, dozens of people made their way to Washington Square Park for Adoptapalooza, an event that showcased pets and put them up for adoption.

The event, sponsored by the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, was part of the city’s ongoing effort to completely eradicate the use of euthanasia in animal shelters by 2015, with the ultimate goal of establishing a no-kill community.

In 2009, the Humane Society of the United States projected that three to four million cats and dogs woud be euthanized this year.

Helin Jung, associate editor of PEOPLEPets.com, PEOPLE magazine’s site for animal lovers and pet owners, said the number of pet euthanizations was a matter of great concern that needed to be addressed.

“The Humane Society recently estimated a crazy amount of pets that need homes,” Jung said. “And because some don’t find homes, they get euthanized; so this is really important.”

But the event dealt with more than just adoptions.

FIT students hosted a doggie fashion show, entertaining the crowd by adorning cats and dogs in ensembles nearly as fashionable as those worn by their human counterparts.

In addition, there were booths selling pet accessories to help raise funds for various shelters and animal assistance programs throughout the city.

And while many NYU students could not adopt animals due to housing restrictions, those who went said they wished they could have taken part in the adoptions.

NYU freshman Mia Schulam was enthusiastic about the event.

“I think it’s nice because there are a lot of dogs in need and you always see people walking around with dogs,” she said. “I can definitely see a lot of people who would be interested [in adopting].”

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