Lashes that Catch the Eye

This season’s false lashes create a bold and dramatic new look that’s sure to enhance any girl’s ensemble.

Mattese Elite Lashes Party, Ricky’s NYC, $8: The maroon color provides a darkened flair perfect for an elegant evening. Tiny crystals embedded within the lashes heighten their level of sophistication. Not too overdone, the lashes are sure to compliment most evening dresses without overpowering the overall look.

False Lashes with Feathers and Crystals, My Diva’s Closet, $18: The mix of traditional false lashes, feathers and intricate crystals on the rim combine to create a killer combination well worth the price. They are the perfect accessory for an upcoming Halloween party. The timid and shy beware; only the boldest and most daring of girls should take on these extreme lashes.

Wispy (v-shape black), Sephora, $8: These lashes are the only thing necessary for girls already gifted with incredibly long lashes. These classics just add a bit of flair and variation that can make any eyes instantly become the main facial attraction.

Babydoll, Urban Decay, $15: Intended to mirror natural beauty, these false lashes are perfect for everyday wear. They will turn the most overlooked eyes into eyes onlookers would only expect to find on runway models. Though a bit pricey, they will produce head-turns well worth the cost.

Mattese Elite Lashes Party, Ricky’s NYC, $12: A girl rarely gets to say she’s adorned her eyes with peacock feathers. Though a bit crazy, it is the intricate design and individuality that gives these lashes their flair. Certainly not for daily wear, these lashes would best compliment a Halloween costume or simply make a bold statement, for those girls who like to live life on fashion’s cutting edge.

Read original article, published on October 7, 2010, at the WASHINGTON SQUARE NEWS.

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