Breathe Easy This November

This November, designer Carmen Marc Valvo collaborates with the biggest women’s specialty swimwear chain in the country, Everything But Water, to design a new tee shirt in recognition of Lung Cancer Awareness month. A stylish three-quarter sleeve creates a casual, yet chic, look that makes this white t-shirt, which is emblazoned with blue-green wings that double to emulate the look of lungs, a must-have. All profits from the sales of these shirts will go directly to LUNGevity, an organization committed in its efforts to try and increase the funding and research for the treatment and cures of lung disease. A mere $36, the tee shirt is worth every penny. It is available in all sizes, and the sleeve of the tee even boasts the inspiring tagline of LUNGevity’s prospects as an organization, “Find it. Treat it. Live.” The shirts will hit the racks on November 1st and are available to purchase both in-store and online through Everything But Water’s WEBSITE.

See the original post with images at CITYist.

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